Motorcycle Tyre Specialist

At Moto Racing, we offer you the assistance you need when looking for the perfect tyre that will upgrade your vehicle to a higher tier. You can easily go wrong with this investment, but we’re here to help you out. We have enough road experience to tell you that a good tyre should be in sync with the proper suspension adjustment, with your size, weight and vehicle type taken into consideration.

The kind of motorcycle that you ride should have a suitable kind of tyre for it. If you’re riding a classic, a racer, a scooter, a roadie, a moped or a chopper, you need to find the kind of tyre that will work best for your ride. There is even the right kind of tyre for how much you like to go off-road or if you just prefer buzzing across the city.

The type pressure will affect the traction, comfort and tread wear, which is why you need to do your research before pushing through with the purchase. We can help you with that. Feel free to head over to our workshop and we can have a chat over coffee.