Motorcycle Suspensions Adjustments and Set-up Specialists

A good set of tyres need proper suspensions; both of which can give the rider the proper sensation and experience with their vehicle. However, when you purchase a new bike, a suspension system will already have been set up. It’s like on a generalized setting, which means it can work for you but not in the most suitable way since it is not bespoke to your preferences.

You can get your motorcycle suspension to suit you in a number of ways. Bikes can have the front and the rear suspension adjusted depending on the weight, riding style and tracks. Having great tyre pressure with top-performing suspension will not only enhance your ride, but will also build your confidence, and you need a specialist that will lead you towards this goal. In short, Moto Racing knows what will work for you, and we can make your ride better for only £50.

Having your motorcycle suspension set-up and installed by a qualified machinist will make all the difference, and it’s a sure-fire way to have your vehicle performing at its optimum. We can diagnose the proper solution for the symptoms of a “bad ride” and if you entrust this matter with us, the results will astound you.

Avail of the Moto Racing ride-in, ride-out setup offer, where we will fix up all of the damping adjustments for you.

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