Harley Davidson on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington


Harley Davidson

If you are in the market for a Harley Davidson, or want to find a dealership and repair shop on the Kitsap peninsula in Washington, I found one LED Headlight for Harley Davidson. Legend Harley Davidson, in Silverdale, is the place to go.

This dealership, located in Silverdale, Washington offers something for current Harley owners and for Harley wannabees. In addition to offering Buell and Harley Davidson motorcycles, they carry a line of Thunder Mountain custom motorcyles. So, there is something to suit most needs here.

In addition to the bikes, this place has a service department. Plus, if you are interested in a particular motorcycle,you can take it for a test ride. This dealership is located in a nice driving area, so you can be on the ‘open road’ for a good test ride.

Each month has a variety of events happening here, also. In the warmer months, the barbeques are the best around. Sometimes they are given as a customer appreciation treat, other times they are by donation. It depends upon the individual situation. It is fun to drive by and see the barbeque smoke and smell in the air. You can get on Legend Harley Davidson’s mailing list to keep posted on what is happening for each month. There is always something going on here, too.

Harley Davidson is involved in a variety of nonprofit and local events, also. That is also nice to see.

The service staff have been very knowledgeable each time I have been here. In addition to being knowledgeable about the products and items in the store, they are friendly and upbeat in personality.

Needless to say, the motorcycles on display are shiny, well kept, and very eye appealing. Price tags are easy to read, which is nice. Literature is usually available on any bike you are interested in.

The Parts Department will special order a part for you if it is not currently in stock. The department is usually well-stocked, though.

There usually are sales going on – on bikes and other items. The Clothing department has a nice variety of items ranging from leather jackets to t-shirts. Of course, the Harley logo is on most of the items. This store has a wide variety of gift items available. It is fun to browse around and see all that is in this site.

Prices are kind of high, but I understand the quality is worth the extra price.

The physical location of this Harley Davidson dealership is off the beaten track a little bit. It is not directly off of the freeway, like other Harley dealerships I have been to. And, on busy days, this site could use more parking.

The exterior of this site is clean, well maintained, and very eye appealing. There is a lot of shine from the display bikes outside the front entrance! This retail store is very comfortable to enter and browse around in. I have never experienced any hard sales from employees here. That is nice.

There is a on-site ‘coffee bar’ which offers espresso and snack items. It has a nice, down home feel to it.

Overall, this is one of the best Harley Davidson sites I have been to. Visit them at 9625 Provost Road NW, Silverdale, Washington. 360-698-3700

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