Review On Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool For Harley-Davidson Bikes


harley-Davidson Bikes

Harley-Davidson is one of the most popular brands of elite motorcycles in the world using blue driver Professional OBDII Scan Tool. If you happen to own one, you will probably treat it like your own child, right? Such care and attention will be necessary not only to maintain the bike’s performance but also to its stylish look.

To make the task easier, there is an electronic diagnostic tool developed for quick maintenance. What’s more impressive is that you only need a smartphone to collect the data. There may be already like this for car diagnostics tools but for motorcycles, it seems to be relatively new.

The Diagnostica Motorscan tool enables you to conduct scanning and view your bike’s technical data on your own. This has the potential to be a money-saver, judging from the rates of mechanic shops right now. Let us explore more on the truth of this motorcycle diagnostic tool.

Installation Process

Amazingly, the installation process takes about a minute with only a single bolt (bike’s cover) being removed. Here is how to install the Motorscan Smartphone diagnostic tool:

Locate the 4-pin connector of your motorcycle.

Remove its cover.

Align the Motorscan diagnostic tool to the connector. You will only just plug it in and play.

To reinsert it to its place, push the rubber cover until it creates a clicking sound or settles inside.

Close the motorcycle cover and proceed to your smartphone. Make sure you have downloaded the Motorscan app.

Enable your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection and afterward, open the app.

Next, turn on the motorcycles’ engine. The diagnostic tool will not run when the motorcycle’s engine is not running.

Wait for about a minute until your smartphone’s app recognizes the diagnostic tool’s presence.

As soon as it recognizes, now you will be able to use the diagnostic tool’s features. Here is a list of some of the aspects wherein you can access the data:

Error codes

Battery voltage

Alarm sensitivity

Engine RPM

Engine temperature

Throttle angle

The current voltage of the accelerometer

Injection time of rear and front

Oxygen sensor of rear and front

Odometer and speedometer

Convenience Of Operation

The diagnostic tool’s app is a very visual device. It can even show you the dashboard view of your motorcycle’s data. If you happen to have a handlebar mount, you can just put your smartphone in place so that you can view it easily while traffic or when you pull your bike over.


The product has a price point of about $ 300. In case you are wondering how you can save money, you will be able to if we talk about maintenance costs. A trip to the mechanic for troubleshooting already costs about $ 100 per visit. It’s not like your motorcycle will eventually degrade and experience occasional performance problems.

Of course, it’s a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the quality is top-notch. However, those potential visits to the mechanic just for troubleshooting will be significantly reduced. In a long run, the diagnostic tool is a good, if not great, investment.

Another great thing about the Motorscan Smartphone diagnostic tool is that you can use it on another Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Since the uninstallation/installation process takes for a minute or two, you can even use the tool for the whole gang, as long as their bikes have 4-pin connectors.


There is no denying that the Motorscan Smartphone diagnostic tool is very useful. It may cost initially high, but in the long run, it will enable you to save from check-up costs and you can even share it with other similar motorcycles as well.

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