The Difference In Motorcycle And Car Maintenance


Car Maintenance

There are many types of motor vehicles and most have similar maintenance procedures and requires the same Best Jeep upgrades on Jeepequipment. This is when it comes to changing filters, brake checks, and tire inspection among many other tasks. Different motorcycles have similar maintenance tasks too. However, maintenance of a motorcycle has many differences from that of a car. Take note of the following key differences.

The motor oil

The frequency of adding motor oil to a motorcycle is higher when compared to that of a car. This is because they have the nature of consuming more fuel. Remember! This is not servicing time but fuel top-up interval. The revving in a motorcycle engine is also higher than that of a car in regard to reports about different engines.

Oils between the two cannot be interchanged because motorcycles with wet clutches utilize engine oil for transmission processes. The anti-friction elements contained in a car oil will always obstruct the clutch of a motorcycle. This is because motorcycle oil has different anti-wear elements. Whether your motorcycle has a wet or dry clutch, disregard car oil. Motorcycle oil is not recommended even when Upgrading Jeep Wranglers.

Valve adjustment

Valves are essential parts of the functionality of cars and motorcycles but are adjusted differently. Fresh air is allowed in when the intake valves open while combustion fumes are released through the exhaust valves. Valves adjustment and maintenance in motorcycles is done frequently than in cars. In cars, they are actuated by rocker arms and this is not natural when it comes to motorcycles.

Many recent cars have hydraulic lifters or tappets which assist in valve operation.

It is very rare to find such a feature on a motorcycle. The fluid which has been pressurized is used in modulating the clearance process in car engines. This pressure makes valves to be able to adjust themselves. It is different in motorcycles because the handling of high redlines is impossible.

Pure mechanical methods are applied to control the process of valve clearance in motorcycles. The setup of a screw and locknut make up such a system. So as to ensure the clearance of a valve occurs, you are required to adjust a particular lock nut. The design of shim and bucket is used in some motorcycles. You are required to replace the metal shims located over the bucket due to frequent wear.

The suspension system

The front suspension system of a motorcycle is different from that of a car in terms of maintenance. A motorcycle utilizes forks up in front with springs located inside. The spring is only when replaceable damage is noticed and this is not often. Oil and seal forks need a change after approximately 10,000 miles due to dirtiness in the oil and viscosity degradation.


Different engines are designed to take different maintenance tasks. You need to stick to the provided guidelines carefully and avoid any mix up even when Upgrading Jeep Wranglers. For example, using car oil in a motorcycle will interfere with its effective functionality. Engines and other parts of these two machines are made to be durable but only if they are properly maintained. Ensure each gets its required maintenance precisely for maximum service provision.

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