How To Repair a Bike Without Becoming a Motorcycle Mechanic


Motorcycle Mechanic

Over time, your motorcycle and best floor jacks is going surrender to everyday wear and tear, especially if you have to indulge in rough terrain. You may be willing to pay for every tidbit of maintenance, but emergencies are unanticipated. Learning how to perform the basic repairs on your own will help you from the tension of being stuck in the middle of nowhere without any nary motorcycle shop insight.

Here then, are the few basic motorcycle repairs every motorcycle owner should know.

Changing Your Oil

It is essential to get your motorcycle specific oil. Most motorcycles have what they called a “wet clutch,” meaning that the oil will serve as a transmission fluid at the same time. Whereas normal oil types are not specially designed for that purpose, make sure you buy the right oil for your bike.

Your bike’s filter needs to be regularly changed, as well. You may have it changed for every oil renewal, but some brands such as SV Suzuki don’t bother doing it once every two oil changes.

According to the experts, motorcycles using a mineral-based oil should be renewed at least every 2,000 miles or twice a year. At the same time, semi-synthetic using oil will be changed for at least every 6,000 miles. And fully synthetic using oil will be changed every 7,000 miles to 10,000 miles.

Your bike’s filter could be cartridge-style by type, which is found behind a bottled-on cover. It could also be a screw-on type. And for both, a normal wrench could do the job.

Once finished renewing everything, check the correct oil level. A small porthole is on the side of the crankcase where you make sure the oil level is between the lines and you’re all geared up.


It would be best if you were more religious about checking your tires before going for a winding ride. Even the smallest pressure on your tire can make a drastic alteration in the way your bike performs – high speed or low speed.

In the grooves of your tire has small raised points called indicators. Once you observe them being worn down, it’s high time to invest in a new tire. The rear tire is more likely to be worn out than the front tire.


Just as a motorcycle engine is basically being controlled by fire and explosions, it requires an oxygen source to add to fuel and spark. And air filters improve the airflow of the engine.

Bikes mostly use in-line filters, which could be changed easily but is a bit tricky to access as they are located underneath the gas tank. To do so, unbolt the tank up at the fore of the bike, then detach the side plates and seat. Afterward, you may have to open the airbox to reach it.

An hour or two in the garage sounds way better than an hour on the side of the road troubleshooting or waiting for the AMA roadside assistance. Keep this thing in mind and make sure you have the must-have tools such as nitrile gloves, torque wrench, hammer, socket wrench set, chain breaker tool, impact driver, and the tire pressure gauge in your list when buying car accessories. Always have them handy for emergency purposes.

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