New Toddler Seat for Motorcycles


Seat for Motorcycles

When riding a motorcycle with your child, you introduce them to the love of motorcycling. But until they are grownups to ride on their own, having them on board is a fantastic way to help them grow their love. There is a britax vs chicco car seats comparison so you can choose the best one for yur kids. You don’t have to set them up on gas tanks or handlebars, which is unsafe. There are two types of motorbike seats for toddlers: those on the rear and those mounted at the front. Both of these seats are suitable for carrying children from six months to when they are six years. Most kids car seats can also be used for motorcycling.

In most countries, ‘ children are allowed to be on motorbikes provided that they are together with their parents and guardians. The following are seats designed for toddlers while cycling.

The Graco Moto seat

The Graco moto seat is made to look like just like a normal car seat only that it is strapped across a motorcycle pillion seat. The standard five-point harness assists in keeping the child in place when you are riding. When you are no longer using the seat, it begins to look like a latch system in an automobile. The seat looks alike like those of Gracco car models, but the base has been adjusted to fit in motorcycles. Installation of this seat on your motorcycle only takes two minutes. It is one of the popular motorcycle seats for children and can be found in different stores across the world.

GIVI S650 Childs Seat

GIVI S650 seat is made to support your child firmly and securely. The chair is made of polyurethane and has a metal base fitted with feet stirrups adaptable to your child’s weight and height. If you want to take your child to and from school or plan to make your child become part of the motorcycle culture, consider buying Givi S650. It fits effectively on scooter model motorbikes.


Stamatakis, child safety seat, is meant for toddlers who are 3-8yrs. It is weatherproof, comfortable, safe, and requires no registration. It is durable and easy to adjust. It happens to be the only motorcycle seat allowed on public roads in most countries. It can fit in almost all types of motorcycles, and it is available in different stores across the world.

Whether you are a motorcyclist or have fun outside with your child, having a child’s seat attached to your motorcycle can mean life and death. It presents you with a wonderful experience sharing a motorcycle ride with your kid who is not old enough to ride independently. However, not all child motorcycle seats are the same. You need to consider the safety of your child when purchasing any of these seats.

Ensure that the motorcycle seat is adjustable, easy, versatile, comfortable, and easy to install. Moreover, always ride slowly when you are on longer rides. When you take your child for a long journey, he begins to feel relaxed. When children are relaxed and safe at the back of a motorcycle, they usually enjoy the ride.

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