Cannabidiol: The Center Of Controversy In Motorcycle Racing


Motorcycle Racing

Using Cannabis Oil for medication is a common issue. Marijuana obtained different names like mary jane, weed, stinkweed, pot, joints, cannabis and many others throughout the years that its legalization for medication is discussed.

Studies showed that cannabis or marijuana can be used as pain killers, relievers for anxiety and stress, and can aid in other illness like epilepsy.

Cannabidiol is an active component of medical marijuana. Cannabidiol or CBD is being used in some countries and states aid stress, anxiety, eating disorders, sleeping disorders. Further studies are conducted to improve its use in relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Comparing CBD to other pain killers, it doesn’t have side effects since it is all-natural. Consuming pain killers can lead to complications on the stomach, liver or kidneys. Over time, the user can be tolerant with the medicine.

Cannabis or CBD can be used for medical purposes, where patients can benefit. However, due to cases related to drug addiction, there are a lot of misconceptions about its uses. Cannabis and CBD have right purposes and must be used appropriately.

In a motorcycle-racing event in California, a rider was advised to cover the logo of his sponsor. The directive came from the officials. The sponsor happened to be a company that markets cannabis and CBD.

That event picked up international attention when Dan Bilzerian, owner of the company posted on Instagram.

For the meantime, logos of CDB products are not allowed to be displayed on racers’ uniform, helmet, or bike. Sanctions will be given to those racers that will violate the policy.

Owners and CEO’s of different marijuana-derived CBD oil products gave their opinion about the said matter.

Seeing their company logo on racing events covered by media is a good advertisement for their CBD products. They understand the view of the event organizers about racers endorsing CBD manufacturing company. As of now, they will focus on spreading awareness on the medical help of the product. They will also aim to strengthen the support to athletes that uses CBD for recovery.

The matter will be resolved by excellent communication between organizers of racing events and the CBD product companies that sponsor athletes. They don’t want the CBD product companies to spend a lot while their logos are covered or blurred during coverage.

Racers will abide by the given policy. If they are consuming CBD oil products, they need to be careful in choosing the brand because some contain THC, and that may lead to a failed drug test result.

For the racers, it is somehow disappointing since energy drinks are allowed before the race. Energy drinks have a performance-enhancing effect but can cause dehydration and increased blood pressure. They are still looking up to allowing advertisements for CBD oil since its purpose is for relieving pain.

Proper information dissemination will leave the consumers the decision if they use CBD oil products. Having enough knowledge of its uses and effects on the human body will help them evaluate.

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