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Donating a Motorbike to Charity

6 Tax Tips For Donating a Motorbike to Charity

So you decided to part with your motorcycle and donate it to like this charity. Donating the right way allows you to maximize your tax deductions and benefits while helping a good cause at the same time. But before doing that, take these donation tax tips into consideration.

Seek professional advice.

When it comes to giving any charitable donations, it is always important to seek advice from a tax professional. Each charity donor has different tax situations, thus it is best to ask for expert guidance.
Additionally, you might also want to …

For the Love of Bikes… It’s This Year’s Bike Shed London!

Every year, Europe’s best and biggest independent bike show takes the last holiday weekend of May with the ultimates of biker culture, including art, photography, films, live music, great drinks, savory street food, cigars, tattoos, and so much more. So it’s time to pull the motorbike out of the home garage and bring it on down.
On the May evenings of the 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2019, we invite you to the historic Tobacco Docks to celebrate the culture itself, and this is a celebration for all. Custom-made motorcycles from all over the world will be …

Ride on For the Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcyling

UK’s largest outdoor motorbiking show will be having its biggest test biking fleet, making it the ultimate biking weekend for 2019. Some have given up the weekend golfing or out fishing to be here. Be involved and reserve a slot – you can try road-testing the newest bikes from our major manufacturers, get on with some proper racing, and see some majestic stunts. All you need to bring is your driver’s license, and you’re good to go.
The Dirt Track Rider’s Association is back again this year for a two-day oval racing event, with categories from junior, meaning kids from 7-11 years old, to rookie, then pro, with the Hooligan …

Manchester Bike Show Celebrates Its 8th Year

For this year’s event, there will be a showcase of live bike action, stunt shows and live music with our guest stars. Mothers and fathers are welcome to bring their kids. Our major manufacturers, namely Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Benelli, CCM, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Triumph, and Ducati, will also be putting their latest models on display.
More than a hundred trade exhibitors will also take part in the retail village where you can surely grab a bargain on leather materials, helmets and safety gear, accessories, parts, and services.
The 8th Manchester Bike Show will be a 2-day event, from the 23rd to the …


Suspensions Adjustments and Set-up

A good set of tyres need proper suspensions; both of which can give the rider the proper sensation and experience with their vehicle.

Engineering Services

You don’t need to take the entire vehicle to the shop, too! We accept distance order for as long as the cylinders are cleaned and sent with a new oversize piston. You will have your components back in the same condition they were sent, with the cylinder walls lubricated to avoid rust build-up.

Suspension Services

Moto Racing has gained much exposure for their suspension services, from general servicing to the custom valving for your Racebikes, Superbikes, Motorcycles, and Scooters.

General Repairs & Inspections

We have placed our popular service and products under three categories, namely short services, full services, and major services. This may also determine the length of time, price, and other requirements.

Tyre Specialist

At Moto Racing, we offer you the assistance you need when looking for the perfect tyre that will upgrade your vehicle to a higher tier. You can easily go wrong with this investment, but we’re here to help you out.

Motorcycle Recovery

Accidents on the road can hardly be avoided, so if you get yourself on the bad side of the highway, contact us for emergencies. It can even be just a breakdown, we can head over to assist you.


Moto Racing is an established motorcycle repair business based in London.

Our goal is optimal consumer satisfaction. We believe that it is of utmost importance that we provide only the best services and assistance to our customers, so we instill this philosophy in the minds of the entire team in order to work towards the same goal. It is because of this that we garnered a high rating from repeat customers and referrals.